Tom Cruise Decides To Visit 'Wichita' With Cameron Diaz

Tom CruiseAt last, the wait is over. After acquiring several intriguing projects, and spending millions of dollars to rewrite them into perfection, Tom Cruise has decided on his next movie -- and it's "Wichita."

According to Variety, Cruise has decided to pair up with Cameron Diaz for James Mangold's action comedy. Not only does this end Cruise's quest for his next project (and apparently it was a close call between this and Len Wiseman's "Motorcade"), but it's also a happy ending for the troubled "Wichita," a film that has seen directors and stars come and go.

Cruise and Diaz both gave their approval to the final script, which underwent a recent rewrite by Scott Frank ("Minority Report"), and is now being smoothed out by Mangold and Laeta Kalogridis ("Shutter Island.") Variety previously reported that the story revolves around a single chick who has terrible luck with men, but meets a mysterious, handsome man on a blind date. Now we know that the mysterious man is actually a secret agent who pops in and out of the woman's life. The film also has several new action scenes tailor-made for Cruise, pulling it out of the romantic comedy genre and into something that can attract a wider audience.

Now, let's hope that the action scenes don't shortchange Diaz's character. I'd love it if this was all framed from her perspective, a play on Cruise's "Mission: Impossible" persona to show the day-to-day perils of actually dating a secret agent. Just think of how many girls would abandon their Daniel Craig/James Bond fantasies after that!

MTV readers, are you looking forward to "Wichita"? What do you think of Cruise and Diaz romancing each other onscreen? Are you satisfied with Cruise's choice?