'Tomb Raider' To Be Rebooted With A Lara Croft Origin Story

Lara Croft in a 'Tomb Raider' gameI've been meaning to serve up this news for a few days now, but the 2009 MTV Movie Awards train stops for no one. At the premiere of "Terminator Salvation," producer Dan Lin stopped to chat with About.com about some of his upcoming projects, particularly the planned reboot of the "Lara Croft" series (popularly known as an adaptation of the "Tomb Raider" series of video games).

Lin describes the project as a "character-oriented... more realistic" origin story for the popular treasure seeker. He clarifies shortly after that, comparing what he intends to be "character-driven action" in the "Croft" reboot to what audiences saw in last weekend's "Terminator Salvation."

As fans of the video game series are already no doubt aware, Lara Croft has quite a well-developed backstory which has been introduced in the more recent games. I'm not going to be the guy who spoils it all, but the last two releases in the series go into considerable details on Lara's relationship with her parents and the circumstances which led her to owning Croft Manor. It will be interesting to see if Lin and his "Tomb Raider" team focus on the fiction established in the games for this reboot, or if they simply take things in an entirely new direction.

Do you think there's more to be gained from another "Tomb Raider" movie, which has until now been one of the more successful adaptations from game to film? Who could you see replacing Angelina Jolie as a younger Lara Croft?