Do You Miss The Crap Out Of 'The State'? Then Watch This Video Featuring Tom Lennon

That headline is the truth. I really do miss the crap out of MTV's "The State." It introduced me to a number of wonderful things, including the joys of sketch comedy and the hilarity of one Tom Lennon. Don't ask me who Tom Lennon is. Just watch this clip from the always excellent funnyordie. Then cast your MTV Movie Awards vote for Lennon and Paul Rudd in the Best Kiss category. Do it now, or Lennon will punch you in the... uhhhh... well let's just say it'll hurt.

And hey! "The State" is FINALLY coming out on DVD on July 14! If you're old enough to remember it, you'll be buying this simply because you know you have to. And if you're not old enough, give it a try. You will enjoy. Or Tom Lennon will do... something. Something bad. To you and your friends. And your dog.

Tom Lennon Wants Your Vote from Thomas Lennon