'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson And Sharon Stone Share The Stage At Cannes For A Good Cause

Wow. The things you can do when you're wealthy. Kind of astonishing really. Take the amFar Celebrity Auction that went down in Cannes last night in support of AIDS research. One of the highlighted offers on the block was a birthday visit and a kiss from "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson. Not exactly a prize I'll be stepping up for anytime soon, but based on the results of our RPattz "Bel Ami" poll, I am in the minority.

Someone paid big bucks, as the RPattz kiss ended up selling for a whopping $20K. The heartthrob even went as far mentioning the possibility that "something more" could happen depending on how things go, though Stone wisely brushed past the comment without any acknowledgment. She did score a free kiss before Pattinson left the stage, most likely to the chagrin of whomever had just spent $20K for the exact same thing. Check out video from the event here (the RPattz/Stone money shot comes in at around the 2:20 mark):