Kurt Loder Reviews Director Rian Johnson's 'The Brothers Bloom'

'The Brothers Bloom'FROM MTV.COM: "The Brothers Bloom" is set on a planet somewhat like our own, but far wackier. The Bloom brothers of the title — Stephen (Mark Ruffalo) and, well, Bloom (Adrien Brody) — have been gifted swindlers since they were kids. (They appear to have been born wearing shifty little black suits and ties.) Stephen is the brains of the team — he composes their elaborate schemes as if they were short stories, each one a chapter in an ongoing, lifelong compendium of cons. His younger brother Bloom is always the protagonist. As we join them in the middle of their latest scam, in Berlin, Bloom is chafing under the dictates of his brother's never-ending narrative. "I've only lived life through these roles that aren't me," he complains. He wants to break free, to live "an unwritten life." Not quite yet, Stephen says.

The boys relocate to New Jersey to case a new job. They're accompanied by their assistant, a mysterious young Japanese woman called Bang Bang (Rinko Kikuchi, the troubled teen in "Babel"). Bang Bang's face is a mask of deadpan disgruntlement — she seems to have been waiting all her life for a punch line that's never arrived. She only speaks three words of English; one of them is "Campari." Still, she's "an artist with nitroglycerin," and thus handy to have around.

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