Protecting Your Eyes On The Red Carpet At The 2009 MTV Movie Awards

MTV Movie AwardsWardrobe selection is crucial for a high-profile televised event like the 2009 MTV Movie Awards. Want to hear it from an insider? Consider the dilemma MTV's Tim Kash faces as he prepares for next weekend's festivities.

Of course, the actual award nominees have far less to worry about. Most of them probably rely on a team of advisers, managers and PR specialists to handle those decisions. They can all rest easy knowing that the night of the show, a full wardrobe -- probably one that's never been worn -- will be laid out, ready and waiting to either dazzle or disappoint a waiting public. Red carpets offer plenty of good interview opportunities, but they're also essentially one big fashion show.

That means cameras. Lots of 'em. A veritable army, really. All of them with their own lights and blinding flash-bulbs. For a situation like that, even the perfect wardrobe should be supplemented with one important accessory: sunglasses.

Fortunately for the nominees, Laurie Ziegler of Branded Entertainment Marketing has them covered. All nominees will receive a free pair of specially selected Jil Sander Eyewear by Marchon, as well as a complimentary Netflix subscription. The latter may not be so useful on a red carpet, but it will allow the nominees to escape the harsh reality of stardom that they face every day. Or something like that. Nice sunglasses though!