Kurt Loder Reviews 'Terminator Salvation'

Christian Bale in 'Terminator Salvation'FROM MTV.COM: A lot of hard work has gone into "Terminator Salvation," the fourth installment of the time-shuffling robot-war series and the first since the 2003 "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" detoured the franchise into the realm of unintentional hilarity. Unlike the past films, the new one is set in the future — the one from which android assassin Arnold Schwarzenegger was dispatched a quarter-century ago to travel back to 1984 and terminate Sarah Connor, the soon-to-be mother of John Connor, who, in the future from which Arnold was dispatched, had grown up to be the leader of the human resistance forces battling the metallic minions of Skynet, the sentient computer entity that had taken over the world. Oh, and also to put a stop to Kyle Reese, who had likewise beamed in from the future for the purpose of becoming John Connor's father. Is your head starting to hurt again?

Joseph McGinty, the director who fearlessly continues to call himself "McG" (a childhood nickname, he says; what if his parents had dubbed him "Munchkin"?), has staged some memorable scenes here. There's a gigantic Skynet aircraft swooping down on a bridge filled with fleeing humans; and a leap from a helicopter into a storm-tossed ocean far below to rendezvous with a rebel submarine; and — in the movie's snazziest interlude — a disembodied Terminator spinal column violently thrashing around on a lab gurney while its human captors struggle to hold it down.

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