Fake-out! Bradley Cooper May Not Be Confirmed For 'A-Team' After All

Bradley CooperEarlier this week, we reported that IESB had pulled a rather shady stunt involving suspected Faceman pick Bradley Cooper and a smuggled tape recorder. For those who need a refresher, Faceman forms one quarter of "The A-Team," the 80s TV series currently in development for a silver screen adaptation/reboot.

As the story goes, Cooper was approached by an IESB reporter in a Las Vegas hotel hallway during a press junket for "The Hangover." Asked how he felt about being cast as Faceman, the actor replied: "That's out already?" He then went on to praise director Joe Carnahan, who will reportedly be helming the adaptation. In the latest twist, Cooper talked about the incident with CHUD in an effort to set everyone straight on what he meant.

Here's what Cooper had to say: "A guy came up to me and asked about the character Faceman in "The A-Team." I said 'Oh, that's out there already?', but my point was that news about the film is out there. Literally that people knew about Carnahan and the remake, that's it. I haven't read a script or met Joe Carnahan."

That pretty much seals it, don't you think? While Cooper certainly could be in the running for the Faceman role, it appears that such discussions have yet to take place. On the other hand, PR pros can be a wily bunch and Cooper could just as easily have been prepped to pull back from his earlier statements. It is interesting to note however that in the original IESB news break, the Cooper quotes are non-specific enough to support either argument.

What do you think? Is Cooper playing it straight with CHUD or are we witnessing damage control in action?