Catch The 'Brüno' Online Trailer Premiere Here, Then Again On 'Behind The Screen' This Sunday

Sacha Baron Cohen -- known to many for his Ali G persona and to many more for his Borat persona -- is bringing his special brand of cultural commentary to silver screens once again in "Bruno." The broadcast premiere for the trailer is the Sunday at 11pm on MTV's "Behind the Screen." You should definitely tune in to check it out, since you'll also be able to catch "Land of the Lost" interviews with Danny McBride and Will Ferrell as well as a couple of other exclusive clips.

If you're reading this however, you are Internet-savvy enough to deserve this special treat: an early peek at the "Bruno" trailer. Funny stuff. Fans of Cohen's "Borat" are definitely going to get a kick out of his not-really-a-sequel. Now how about a few more episodes of "Da Ali G Show"?