What Should Tim Kash Wear To The 2009 MTV Movie Awards?

Even though preparations for the 2009 MTV Movie Awards have been underway for months, it always takes a little while for the reality of it to set in for me: I have to choose an outfit. I'm not a big fan of shopping, but I do try to take my red-carpet game pretty seriously.

For the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, which was really my first big hosting gig here in the States, I was decked out in Armani from head-to-toe. In fact, the suit I ended up wearing was the first one I saw when we were looking at red-carpet options. The jacket has these wonderfully exaggerated lapels and a built-in waistcoat, which made it stand out from all the rest. Coupled with a short-collar white shirt and a black-and-silver-striped tie, I think the outfit was the definition of understated cool (shame about my face, though).

That's my "I'm so happy to be at the Movie Awards" look.

Then it was time for my first ever VMAs. If you recall, 2007's iteration was no ordinary awards show. That's because it took place in the undisputed party capital of the world: Las Vegas. With no use for "understated" in Sin City, I went on the hunt for a suit that would feel at home on the Strip. Armani came through again, with a shiny silver-grey suit, a white cut-away collar, a metallic blue tie and a tiny black-and-grey-bejeweled brooch (which is about as much bling as I can handle) to complete the look.

"That suit is money!" A great compliment considering it came from George Maloof — the owner of the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

Check out Akon's eye-line. He can't take his eyes of the bling!

One of my favorite events of 2008 (and of all time, now that I think about it) was the ultimate red-carpet get-together: the Oscars. There are two things you need to get into the Oscars: an invitation and a tuxedo. I was on assignment to host the live "MTV News: Inside the Oscars" show (that was my invite), but I needed a tuxedo fast. A few years ago I had come across a vintage Boss Black (which later became known as the Hugo Boss brand) tuxedo in a small boutique store in London. It had subtle gold thread vertical stripes — a nice touch, I thought — so I bought it on the spot (for a bargain, I might add) and to this day it sits pretty in my closet. The occasion had never come up to wear the tux until the Oscars in 2008. So I broke it out of its bag, took it to L.A. and donned it for the red carpet. Diddy, Jessica Alba and notorious tuxedo fan George Clooney all gave the tux a thumbs-up. Even noted clotheshorse Seal tossed a compliment my way (although apparently his tie-pin was better than mine).

Then came the monster 2008 VMAs, where MTV took over the Paramount Studios lot in L.A. On what felt like the hottest day ever, it was Dolce and Gabbana who came through and kept me cool with perhaps my favorite outfit yet. A brown and black silk tuxedo jacket (yes!) with skinny black tuxedo jeans (the first time I'd ever worn skinny skinny jeans), white shirt, black tie with tiny jeweled tie-pin and a pair of black-blue satin tuxedo shoes to complete the look. With an outfit like that, you would think I would be smiling, but apparently my face doesn't work that way.

So with the 2009 MTV Movie Awards just around the corner its time to get suited and booted again. If you've got any suggestions, I'm all ears. Just remember that the countdown is on to the show, which will air live on Sunday, May 31, at 9 p.m.!