Here's The Lowdown On This Sunday's Episode of 'Behind The Screen'

Will FerrellFROM MTV.COM: If you have $10 and a ride to the local megaplex, anybody can see a movie. If you're an agent, a publicist, or happen to possess the last name of Baldwin, you might get to visit a few film sets. But this Sunday, film buffs can look forward to an unprecedented level of access with MTV's newest movie show, as we take you "Behind the Screen."

Set your DVRs now for May 24 at 11 p.m., as we kick off the festivities with exclusives from some of the most anticipated upcoming films in Hollywood. From a Las Vegas nightclub hosting two fast-rising comedy stars to Nazi scalp-hunters in 1940's Germany, from a long-lost world of dinosaurs to fashion runways in Milan, we've traveled the world collecting tidbits from the movies you'll be talking about tomorrow — and on Sunday night, all will be revealed.

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