Unresolved Pregnancy Subplot May Hint At 'Terminator Salvation' Sequel

FROM MTV.COM: If you see "Terminator Salvation" this weekend, you're bound to expect some twists and turns and moments that could allude to plot points in future movies. The most significant revelation, however, might be one that is never acknowledged.

As "Terminator" fans know, the series focuses mainly on John Connor, the badass savior of mankind played by Christian Bale in the new movie. Although director McG has chosen to disown 2003's "Terminator: Rise of the Machines," he did keep the woman John fell in love with in that film, Kate Connor, now played by Bryce Dallas Howard. In "Salvation," we can see that Kate is pregnant — but John and the other characters never mention it once, and it seemingly has nothing to do with the plot.

Or does it?

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