Will Ferrell, Danny McBride, Exclusive Debuts And More This Sunday On MTV's 'Behind The Screen'

There are some cool things afoot in the latest edition of "Behind The Screen," MTV's quarterly Hollywood dishfest. You'll be able to check out exclusive debuts of an "Inglorious Basterds" clip and the new trailer for "Bruno," starring Sacha Baron Cohen in one of his Ali G alternate personas. You'll also get an exclusive first look at Russell Brand on the set of "Get Him to the Greek." Will Ferrell and Danny McBride also took some time out to chat with MTV about their upcoming "Land of the Lost" and all of the dangerous animals they got to work with.

Check out the clip below for a taste of what's to come. And be sure to watch "Behind The Screen" on MTV this Sunday at 11pm. There's even a monkey! What could be better?