More EXCLUSIVE 'Terminator Salvation' Clips For Your Viewing Pleasure

Note that these are two new clips, not simply rehashes from yesterday's gallery. At this rate, you'll have seen so much of the movie in clips that, by Thursday, you won't even need to go to the theaters. I kid, I kid. Go see "Terminator Salvation." Or WB-owned robots might come back in time to kill me.

In this first clip, Connor and company come across plans for a new breed of Terminator -- the T-800 -- while rescuing human prisoners. For franchise neophytes, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character from the previous films is a T-800 model. The human skin has no functional purpose other than to serve as a disguise, better enabling T-800 units to infiltrate any remaining pockets of human resistance.

You know that bit from the trailers where Connor's resistance pals discover that Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) is in fact a robot? Well this here scene reveals the lead-in to that moment. Enjoy.

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