Calling All Twilighters: The 'New Moon' Poster Hits Tomorrow! What Do You Want to See?

Kristin Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor LautnerYa know, sometimes I think we should just put a giant “Twilight” spotlight on the roof of the MTV building here in beautiful Santa Monica, California. It could be like that enormous bat-signal that tells Batman when something is going on. Maybe we could put RPattz’s face on it and shine it up into the sky whenever there’s “Twilight” news to be reported.

But unfortunately, I don’t have a Spunk-Ransom-signal yet. So, we’re gonna kick this one old-school.

I’ve just gotten word that the first poster for “New Moon” will be released tomorrow. Not some Photoshopped version your friend made on her computer, not some old “Twilight” poster with the words “New Moon” taped over the title – but the real deal!

Yep, the one-sheet will appear in daily newspapers across the country tomorrow. So, be sure to ask your grandparents what a newspaper is, and then try to locate what they call “a newspaper box.” It’s weird because there’s no Web connection, mouse, or “share on Facebook” button involved. Rumor has it that you need to actually pick up a newspaper and turn pages on it…you know, kinda like the “Twilight” books, but a heck of a lot thinner!

Of course, if the whole “newspaper” concept is giving you a headache – or if you’re a shut in – there’s no need to fear. The “New Moon” poster will be online at 7am EST on finer websites everywhere, including ours.

But before the big floating heads hit, what do you want to see in the poster? Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner staring into each others' eyes with an angry Robert Pattinson in the background? A nice shot of the whole Cullen family, hovering nervously over a bloody birthday celebration? Or perhaps a first peek at the Volturi? Say it with me: Ooooh…Ahhhhh.

What do you guys want to see in the poster? Do you want to pitch in a few bucks and help me buy my Spunk-Ransom-signal? Lemme know!