'Boondock Saints' Sequel Going Theatrical, Full Of 'Raw-ass, Gratuitous Violence'

Clifton Collins Jr.Ten years ago a profane script, blood-spattered shoot and ugly backstory yielded an unlikely cult classic. And now, “The Boondock Saints” are on the verge of once again executing their vengeful vision.

“It’s a wild ride - and it’s even better than the first one,” “Star Trek” actor Clifton Collins Jr. told MTV recently, discussing the long-awaited sequel to Troy Duffy’s hyper-violent film about Irish brothers taking the law into their own hands. “I saw a rough cut on St. Patrick’s Day at Troy Duffy’s house, and he’s one-upped himself.”

“There are just as many memorable scenes, if not more,” the veteran actor said. “And I’m the new Saint.”

As fans should remember, writer/director Duffy rode a rollercoaster of fame, disappointment and regret with “Saints” (chronicled in the 2003 documentary “Overnight”) that resulted in a bare-bones release and the film being discovered largely on DVD. This time however, Collins promises us that “Boondock Saints II” will indeed play in theaters.

“It was going to be released on All Saints Day, because [the film] is called ‘All Saints Day’,” he said of the November 1st Christian holiday. “But now, what I’m hearing is they want to release it earlier, because it’s pretty hot.”

The flick pairs Collins with the returning Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus, and ends with a big finale featuring “Boondock” scene-stealer Billy Connolly. “My favorite scene would have to be the showdown with Billy Connolly and myself, Peter Fonda, Norman and Sean,” he said. “There’s a big showdown in a giant glass house. It’s like an Irish ‘Enter the Dragon’ finale.”

Collins was also quick to point out that, no matter how impossible it might seem, “All Saints Day” could be even bloodier and more profane than the first flick. “Yeah, I do believe Troy tried to one-up himself there,” Collins said, grinning. “I remember him bragging about [having more f-bombs]; I don’t know if he succeeded, but I know he got close…There are [a lot of curse words] in Spanish, he’ll get them in there somehow, I promise.”

As for the legendary exploits that once had Duffy going toe-to-toe with Harvey Weinstein, Collins was quick to insist that the former overnight sensation has moved beyond his hot-headed reputation. “As a person, he dialed it down considerately. I think he would be a studio’s dream right now,” Collins said of his director. “And the movie has all the Duffy charm, and all the Duffy alpha dog-ness. It’s just raw-ass, gratuitous violence.”

What do you think of the “Boondock Saints” phenomenon? Justified, overrated, or obscene? Will you be going to see “All Saints Day” in theaters?