Bradley Cooper Accidentally Confirms Himself For 'A-Team'

Bradley Cooper confirmed for 'A-Team'?You gotta love when actors unwittingly confirm rumors during press junkets. This time it’s Bradley Cooper, who may have accidentally revealed to the guys at that he is indeed set to play the handsome con artist “Faceman” in 20th Century Fox’s film adaptation of “The A-Team.” When asked, rather insidiously, if the actor was excited for the role, Cooper responded, “That’s out already?”

Of course, the casting news is not officially out, but Cooper must have been thrown off by the fact that most journalists at the junket for “The Hangover” were trying to get him to admit to signing on to star in “The Green Lantern.” Or, after so many denials, he just wanted to be able to excitedly substantiate something. He even continued talking about the film, enthusiastically stating that Joe Carnahan is going to “make a great movie out of it.”

I guess that means Chris Pine won’t be lending his good looks to the role of “Faceman,” as we'd hoped. This confirmation does still leave room for the “Star Trek” star to possibly grab his more desired part, as “Howling Mad” Murdock. It would also put him together again with “Smokin’ Aces” costar Common, who looks to be on his way to landing the role of B.A. Baracus (aka the Mr. T character).

So now all we need is our “Hannibal” -- will it be Bruce Willis? -- and we’re ready to go. Back when Carnahan and producer Ridley Scott first came on board, Fox announced an expected June 2009 start date for shooting in order to release the TV adaptation on June 11, 2010. Provided that everyone is still sticking to that schedule, we should be hearing official word on "A-Team's" casting decisions any day now.

What do you “A-Team” fans think? Won’t Bradley Cooper look good in the expensive suits, scrounging for the team of mercenaries? Also, who do you hope fills out the remaining, unconfirmed roles?