George Miller's 'Road Warrior' Will Ride Again? That's What They're Saying In Australia

Fourth 'Mad Max' movie might be comingThis morning brings with it word from - where else? - an Austrailian newspaper (via AICN) that director George Miller is preparing to start work on a fourth "Road Warrior"/"Mad Max" movie. The story in Australia's Herald Sun reveals that location scouting is already underway, and that shooting could start as early as later this year.

Miller has already dismissed the possibility of Mel Gibson reprising his role in previous interviews, though between Leonard Nimoy in "Star Trek" and Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Terminator Salvation," cameos are very quickly becoming the hot way to expose your celebrity status without too much of a time commitment. Gibson, who has had his share of public relations troubles in the recent past, could probably use a boost from a fan community which fondly remembers a time before the actor got all serious.

Better than Gibson for this longtime "Max" fan would be a cameo from pop singer Tina Turner, who showed up as Aunty Entity, the leader of Bartertown in the last "Mad Max" movie (until now), 1985's "Beyond Thunderdome." Miller will be hard-pressed to top his incredible "'Thunderdome' fight scene" in the coming sequel, but I certainly look forward to seeing how any attempts measure up.

As cool as all of this may sound, fans probably shouldn't get their hopes too high just yet. The Herald Sun article doesn't contain any new interview content from Miller, offering only the attribution-less assertion that "scouting for locations is under way."

This is also not the first time the film-loving world has gotten word of a Miller return to the "Max" series. The director announced a follow-up, subtitled "Fury Road," as far back as 2002 and there have been sporadic rumblings about it ever since. Further, MTV's Eric Ditzian got a scoop from Miller back in March that the director is hard at work on a 3-D anime fourth sequel for the series. Of course, Miller has also said that, anime or not, he hasn't given up on a live action sequel.

How do you feel about Miller returning to the "Mad Max" series after all of these years? Did you like the idea of a 3-D anime sequel or are you hoping that this latest development is an indicator that live action is once again on the table? Where would you like to see Miller take the series based on where it last left us off in "Thunderdome"?