Maybe Robert Pattinson And Peter Berg Were Playing 'Battleship'...?

Peter BergWhen Hasbro and Universal initially announced a partnership to adapt popular board games into movies, it seemed like a terrible idea. Now that these projects are actually coming to light, a few sound quite interesting, and even somewhat prestigious. Following Ridley Scott, who is booked to direct “Monopoly,” Peter Berg is said to be in talks to helm “Battleship,” an action movie based on the iconic grid-based wargame. Could this be the film Berg and Robert Pattinson were meeting last week to discuss?

Chances are - or maybe we're just being hopeful - that Berg and Pattinson were instead chatting about “Dune.” Still, Pattinson's legion of "Twilight"-loving fans would probably melt at the sight of him in a Navy uniform, serving aboard one of the game’s five ships. If the "Battleship" movie is to deliver as an epic-scale action flick, the “Twilight” actor could probably be included at least as part of a larger ensemble. It would certainly get the typically action-averse teen girls to buy tickets, simply for the opportunity to hear Pattinson shout the board game's famous tagline, “you sunk my battleship!”

Back to what we do know so far: screenwriter brothers Jon and Ehrich Hoeber, who are a hot duo in Hollywood lately, are scripting the game-based film. They wrote the upcoming comic book adaptation “Whiteout,” starring Kate Beckinsale, which comes out this September. Of course, the screenplay for “Battleship” isn’t really what’s going to sell us on whether or not the movie was a good idea. Berg’s directing will likely make or break this thing, and going by his excellent terror-era military flick “The Kingdom,” he’s got the right chops to make “Battleship” an awesome thing to watch.

Are you excited about "Battleship" now that a talented director like Peter Berg is on board? Would you like to see Robert Pattinson star?