Lindsay Lohan Tries for Acting Comeback With 'The Other Side'

Lindsay LohanAs we all know, these days Lindsay Lohan is known for everything but her acting ability. Still, you have to admire the girl for her determination to try again... and try again she will in a fantasy comedy directed by David Michaels called "The Other Side." According to Variety, Lohan joins a diverse cast that includes Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Dave Matthews, and Alanis Morissette.

Lohan will play the lead role of a grad student who is assigned to spend the summer working at a science research outpost on a remote island. Naturally, those who live there are a little offbeat, and the student discovers their eccentricities are hiding the sad secret of an accident that happened many years prior to her arrival.

"The Other Side" has been in production for three years and has seen a number of cast members come and go. Brittany Murphy was once attached to play the lead alongside Jason Lee, Tim Roth, Jim Broadbent, and Lili Taylor. Ribisi has been the one constant across all pre-production cast changes.

Michaels appears to be very supportive of the troubled young actress and he believes in her ability to rise above it. "Lindsay's very aware of people's perceptions of her," Michaels told Variety. "She's really committed to doing what she has to in order to change that."

Do you think "The Other Side" will be the first step in a comeback for Lohan? Has she learned to behave more professionally when it comes to her acting? Or do you think she is past hope?