50 Cent And Forest Whitaker Are 'Jekyll and Hyde'

Curtis 50 Cent JacksonYou can never predict what concept will spark competition in Hollywood. At the turn of the century it was competing asteroids and volcanoes; this year it has been Jane Austen bloodbaths, the Roman Ninth Legion, and warring Greek gods. Now, Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" has entered the competition. Last week, we told you Keanu Reeves was set to play the man of violent moods in "Jekyll." Now Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Forest Whitaker plan to give him a run for his money in "Jekyll and Hyde."

According to Variety, Abel Ferrara ("Bad Lieutenant") is set to direct a contemporary version of Stevenson's story. Whitaker and Jackson will play the two sides of the same man ... and something tells us that Jackson will probably be embodying the nastier half. But given Whitaker's terrifying, Oscar winning performance in "The Last King of Scotland," we could be completely off. It would certainly be a refreshing change to see Jackson play something like a soft-spoken scientist, wouldn't it?

The independent film will begin shooting late this summer, and producer Luc Roeg promises that "such formidable talent in front of and behind the camera will turn this wonderful gothic story into a modern classic for a whole new generation." But with three productions (including one by the wonderful Guillermo Del Toro ) on the way, even one co-starring 50 Cent may have a tough time standing out to movie-going audiences.

Readers, which "Jekyll and Hyde" are you most looking forward to? Which one has the most potential? Who do you think will play the conflicting personalities best? Or are you worn out by just the idea of so many versions?