'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Sighted In The Vicinity Of Director Peter Berg

Robert PattinsonThe spice might soon be flowing, right onto Robert Pattinson's resume. When it comes to the vampire heartthrob, absolutely nothing is yesterday's news. That said, Perez Hilton reported that the actor was spotted leaving the Los Angeles home of director Peter Berg yesterday while on a break from the ongoing "New Moon" shoot. Berg and Pattinson may very well just be friends, but this fanboy is hoping that the two met to discuss the actor's possible involvement in Berg's upcoming "Dune" remake.

Frank Herbert's classic sci-fi novel "Dune" was adapted for the silver screen by director David Lynch in 1984. Although Lynch managed to hit the novel's key points, his tendency towards the avant-garde ultimately led to the mixed bag of fan reception that followed in the wake of the adaptation's release. Liberal changes made to the story didn't help either, with the worst offender being a ridiculous shout-activated sonic handgun.

A far more faithful adaption, entitled "Frank Herbert's Dune," ran on the Sci Fi Channel in 2000 as a six-hour miniseries. Director John Harrison did a commendable job with the budget he was given, but the miniseries had neither the large-scale production nor the reach that one would expect from a full-blown blockbuster film.

Berg, who is no stranger to delivering for wide audiences, has the best shot so far at tapping into the same sort of mass appeal with "Dune" that J.J. Abrams did with this week's "Star Trek." Pattinson's "Twilight" stardom and youthful good looks will certainly draw a crowd, especially if Berg is considering him for the leading role of Paul Atreides. Bear in mind, all of this is purely speculative and based on a Perez Hilton celeb sighting. So make sure to pour out a few grains of salt before getting your hopes up.

What say you "Dune" fans? Can you see Pattinson riding the sandworms of Arrakis in the role of Paul Atreides? Would he be a better fit for another character? Or do you chalk all of this up to the wild ravings of fanboy speculation?

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