Kelly Clarkson On The "New Moon" Soundtrack, Or Somebody Else? You Tell Us!

Kelly ClarksonThe question has been erupting all over the Web for the last few days, and we’ve just published an article that gets to the bottom of it: Will Kelly Clarkson be on the ‘New Moon’ soundtrack?

The answer is… well… maybe?

As we all remember from last year’s honest dialogue with Catherine Hardwicke, the soundtrack is one of the last things the "Twilight" directors are concerning themselves with. And after the smash sales of last year’s album featuring Paramore, Linkin Park, Perry Farrell and the rest, "New Moon" director Chris Weitz would be wise to take his time and make sure he brings the rock.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t try and influence the guy, right Twilighters? So what do you think? Have you heard Kelly Clarkson’s “Did You?” song? Is her squeaky-clean "American Idol" image a little too much for the "Twilight" fanbase, or do you guys consider yourselves fans?

And looking beyond the question, who else do you want on the sequel soundtrack? Should Chris and Stephenie ask Paramore or one of the other bands to return? Are there other, undiscovered bands out there that would be perfect for the sound you imagine would accompany such a visual, stirring book? Or would you simply be happy with an entire album of Rob Pattinson original compositions? Don’t all shriek "yes" at once.

Personally, I’d love to see the franchise give some love to the "Twilight" bands. Artists like Mitch Hansen, The Bella Cullen Project and others have really impressed me with their talents, and I’m sure they’d be thrilled to record something for their favorite series. And how cool would it be to hear one of their songs during the infamous birthday party scene? Or the cliff-dive?

If there’s one thing the past has shown us, it’s that the “Twilight” franchise is pretty good about listening to its fanbase. So, tell us who you want to hear!