Has 'The Frog King' Abdicated His Throne?

Joseph Gordon-LevittIt's been some time since we heard anything about Brett Easton Ellis' script adaptation of Adam Davies' 2002 novel The Frog King, which is set to star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now, the "500 Days of Summer" star reveals to MTV News that the project isn't exactly moving forward.

"That movie's having logistical troubles," says Gordon-Levitt, "It's not worth writing about at this point." Fine Joseph. We won't.

Despite the abysmal reviews and box office take of Easton Ellis' "The Informers" last month, his American Psycho cred is still serving him well, as there are several adaptations of his other work in development. Among them are the semi-autobiographical "Lunar Park," which may star Benicio del Toro in the role of the the acclaimed author. There's also word of a potential sequel to the film version of "Less Than Zero," which Ellis hopes would feature a return performance by Robert Downey Jr.

Similarly, Gordon-Levitt has no shortage of upcoming projects himself, including this year's "500 Days of Summer," a favorite from Sundance 2009, and "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra." Then there's the mega-secret sci-fi ensemble flick "Inception" from "Dark Knight" director Christoper Nolan. Not enough? Gordon-Levitt will also be busy with the indie flick "Hesher", which will team him with writer/director Spencer Susser and producer/star Natalie Portman.

While it’s entirely possible that “The Frog King” may be back on its webbed feet in the not-too distant future, it sounds like fans of the original novel should join Gordon-Levitt in not holding their breath on this one.

Are you sad to see this project getting held up or should everyone be moving on to something else? Let us know below!