'Transformers' Blockbuster Filmmaker Michael Bay Wants to Make...A Western?

Michael BayHe is the king of the modern-day blockbuster, as he’s proven time and time again with the likes of “Armageddon,” “The Rock” and the “Transformers” films. There are few people who deal in explosions as huge, or technology as cutting-edge, as he does. But one thing that Michael Bay hopes to do before his career is over and done with might just surprise you.

He wants to make…a Western?

“I love cowboys,” explained the director of this summer’s big-budget bonanza “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” when we spoke with him recently. “I love Westerns.”

Obviously, nothing on his IMDb page would give any indication of this. He rose to prominence directing music videos for Lionel Richie, Tina Turner and Meat Loaf, as well as high-profile commercials for Nike, Coca-Cola and the “Got Milk?” campaign. “Bad Boys” and “The Island” are a long way from the Old West; still, he insists, classic Westerns have had a major impact on his career.

“ I love, love, love Westerns; love them,” he insisted. “I’ve just always been a huge fan of Western movies. I actually wrote a senior thesis on Western movies.”

The mind reels when one considers what Michael Bay’s take on the genre might yield. Exploding horses? Stagecoaches that transform into killer robots? But while he might be keeping his eyes out for a good script, the director told us that he doesn’t have anything in mind just yet.

“No,” he admitted, only insisting that he hopes to make his Western someday. “I do like horses. That was the saddest Kentucky Derby I’ve ever seen last year.”

With his work on “Revenge of the Fallen” finally nearing the end, Bay seems eager to stretch his wings and explore the newfound power of a man coming off such a massive franchise. He recently clued us in to his desire to shoot an untitled “small” film before cameras roll on the next “Transformers” flick. After that, perhaps a ten-gallon hat, spittoon and some slow-motion shootouts could be in his future.

Would you like to see Michael Bay direct a Western? What do you think it would be like?

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