'Indiana Jones 5’? 'Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull' Screenwriter On The Chance For Another Sequel

Indiana Jones 4At the end of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” brave Indy had a wife and a kid. By that point he’d already survived a nuclear blast by hiding in a refrigerator and escaped an inter-dimensional alien portal, so who could blame the grizzly archeologist for calling it quits? But the film did almost $790 million in worldwide business. No wonder there’s been talk from George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford and others about taking a fifth run at the franchise.

When MTV News caught up with “Crystal Skull” scribe David Koepp recently, the screenwriter was certainly open to the idea of “Indy 5.” “I thought [‘Crystal Skull’] was a pretty good way to go out, but you never know,” he told us. “Somebody has a great idea -- it’s always worth doing.”

George Lucas once floated the idea that Shia LaBeouf character’s Mutt could take over the lead role, while Spielberg and Ford remain open to the possibility of revisiting the series.

For his part, LaBeouf has been busy with another Spielberg franchise, “Transformers.” But with director Michael Bay insisting that a third installment of the robot flicks won’t arrive until 2012, it’s possible that LaBeouf will have an opening in his schedule. All that’s needed, of course, would be a script.

While Koepp—who has written scripts for films as diverse as “Spider-Man,” “Ghost Town,” and the upcoming “Da Vinci Code” sequel, “Angels & Demons”—did not profess to know what Lucas might be planning, he did speculate the “Indy” creator is keeping the wheels turning. “I think he’s puttering away, seeing what he can come up with,” said Koepp.

Might anyone get a sneak-peak into what a fifth “Indy” would look like? “That is safely locked away in the man-sized vault kept in George’s head,” Koepp laughed.

Would you like to see a fifth “Indy” or did #4 put a nail in the franchise’s coffin? Would LaBeouf be a worthy successor to Ford?