'A Matter of Size': A Tribeca Film Festival Review

On the Line: The buzz has been pretty good, from what I could tell. What's not to love -- it's a story about fat Israelis sumo wrestling, and it's in Hebrew! All of these things combined sound mind-bending.

In the Theater: The film screened in one of the smaller theaters of the multiplex, but I don't think there was a single free seat in the place. Tribeca Film Festival staff had to help stragglers find open seats, and stragglers were pretty much out of luck.

The sum of the picture, as you can imagine from its parts, is pretty hilarious. Instead of tired fat jokes, the dialogue is witty and real. The audience responded, where appropriate, with lots of laughter. You feel for the characters, who overcome personal adversity, fall in love and, yes, play sumo.

The Verdict: "A Matter of Size" is thoroughly enjoyable. Herzl (Itzik Cohen) is and always has been overweight. Newly unempolyed, living at home with his mother in Ramla and banished from his weight-loss program, he finds himself washing dishes in a Japanese restaurant. There, he is introduced to sumo wrestling. The sport, where size is an asset, transforms Herzl. With a few large friends, he pursues his newfound passion, which transforms all of their lives and gives them an entirely new perspective on life.