Jim Carrey May Become The Puppet Master For 'The Beaver'

Jim CarreyJim Carrey has definitely suffered some setbacks in recent years, but it's a strange thing to see him having to complete with another comedic actor, or possibly be a second choice when it comes to casting. But that's what's going on with "The Beaver," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Kyle Killen's script for "The Beaver" has been one of the most buzzed about scripts this year. Centered around a man whose constant companion is a beaver puppet, it's drawing a lot of comparisons to "Lars and the Real Girl" and "Being John Malkovich." Killen's script even topped "The Black List," a collection of the best unproduced work kicking around Hollywood. Late last year, it attracted interest from Steve Carell and Jay Roach. Roach was loosely attached to direct Carell in the lead.

But now Carrey has an interest in the role, and is emerging as one of the top names to take the lead. He loves the script, and is interested in taking it depending on who sits in the director's chair. The rumor is that Jodie Foster is actually interested in taking that particular job. She's never tackled as broad a comedy as this, so it would definitely be a change of pace ... but would Carrey and Foster actually make a good pair? Does Foster have the knack for offbeat comedy?

While the script is popular enough that any actor would be intrigued by it, it's startling to see Carrey (once a first choice for any project) in line behind Carrell, isn't it?

Readers, while we don't know much about "The Beaver" who would you rather see take the part: Steve Carrell or Jim Carrey? Who do you like better? What about Jay Roach versus Jodie Foster?