Judd Apatow On Sean 'Diddy' Combs' Role In 'Get Him To The Greek'

Sean CombsBack in 2001, when he played a death row inmate in the Oscar-winning “Monster’s Ball,” it came as a surprise to most of us that Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs could pull off such a nuanced performance. But by the time he appeared on Broadway in 2004 in the gut-wrenching revival of “A Raisin in the Sun,” it was no secret that the rapper/producer/business exec could also act.

At least in dramatic roles. Could he also do comedy? Judd Apatow wasn’t sure when he cast Diddy as a record label owner in “Get Him to the Greek,” the spin-off of last year’s Jason Segel comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Apatow, it turned out, was not just surprised—he was jealous.

“We did a table read and I thought to myself, ‘I wonder how funny [Sean’s] going to be and how much help he’s going to need,’ Apatow told MTV News. “And I found out the answer was none. He needs no help. He was riotously funny. As a man with one skill, I was annoyed that he was also funny. You shouldn’t be allowed to be good at so many things.”

The film stars Russell Brand, reprising his “Sarah Marshall” role of rock star/recovering addict Aldous Snow, who gets caught back up in drugs and must travel from London to perform a gig in Los Angeles. “Like a lot of drug addicts, he’s a pain in the ass,” Brand told us in March.

He’ll be joined by a cast that includes Jonah Hill and Elizabeth Moss (“Mad Men”). Segel most likely won’t make a cameo, but he is writing songs that Brand’s character will sing. Brand also promised that a ton of other Hollywood stars will be in the film as well. “Really famous ones,” he hinted, “but I’m not allowed to say yet, because I always blurt things out too quickly. But people who you go, “He’s in it?!’”

How do you think Diddy will do in a comedy? What other "Hollywood stars" do you want to see in the movie?