No Hat Or Catch Phrase In Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes,' Says Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdamsWhen we recently visited the set of this winter’s eagerly-anticipated “Sherlock Holmes” movie, we found Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams. But naturally, we were also looking for a certain hat and phrase that have long been the hallmarks of the world’s most famous sleuth.

“There’s lots of explosions, [and] people almost die,” McAdams explained to us when we held a magnifying glass up to her recently. But when it came time to talk about Sherlock’s signature stuff, the “Notebook” star insisted that Guy Ritchie’s new vision had omitted a few essentials.

When we asked Rachel if Downey gets the chance to utter the revered Sherlock line “Elementary, my dear Watson” to Jude Law, she didn’t seem to remember it from the script. “I don’t know if he ever worked it in anywhere,” she revealed.

And what about that other Sherlock staple – his classic hat? “He didn’t wear a deerstalker either,” she admitted, explaining the move with: “Well, you’ve got to watch the hair.”

In Downey’s defense, however, McAdams told us that the actor has clung to one Sherlock item. “He does have the pipe!”

When she realized that the famous Sherlock hat was being left out of the movie, Rachel told us that she even took it upon herself to try and bring it back to life. “I tried to wear one actually,” she laughed. “I came on set with a deerstalker. I was like ‘No one else is wearing one!’”

Instead of sticking with traditions, Ritchie and crew have worked hard to reinvent your grandpa’s Sherlock Holmes – working in far more action, darkness, and romance than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever envisioned.

“I’ve seen Robert Downey Jr. jump out of a few windows,” she said of his leaner, meaner Sherlock. “But I’m not jumping off any cliffs.”

And despite the fact that Sherlock doesn’t find anything elementary enough to opine about, the December 25th film will still have the legendary characters maintaining their same camaraderie. “[Robert Downey, Jr.] and Jude [Law] are really great together,” she admitted. “I have to say.”

What do you think about Downey ditching the hat and catchphrase? Will it make his Sherlock more effective, or less like the real deal?