'Terminator Salvation': 'I'll Be Back...Right After We Go To 7-11’

You've got to hand it to 7-11, they know how to market themselves. Whether it's decking their stores out as Quik-E-Marts or making green Slurpees for "Incredible Hulk," they've managed to wiggle their way into one blockbuster after another.

And such is the case with McG's upcoming "Terminator Salvation," where -- to their credit -- they've figured out how to integrate themselves into a post-apocalyptic machine war. In the pic below, you'll see just how they do it as a hideout for resistance forces. This actually isn't the first "Terminator" tie-in; I remember 7-11 rolling out the carpet for T2 back when that film came out.

After the jump, the "Terminator Salvation" Slurpee cups and straws.