Jessica Biel's 'Easy Virtue': A Tribeca Film Festival Review

On the Line: I attended an industry screening, but even the press were buzzing about the film. People seemed to be looking forward to "Easy Virtue," but with a cast that includes Jessica Biel, Ben Barnes, Colin Firth and Kristin Scott Thomas, how could you not?

In the Theater: Because it was a press screening and there are a number of them for this film, the screening wasn't packed. There was lots of buzz about who's seen what Tribeca Film Festival films so far, and what's coming up in the next few days. Apparently many writers have been spending endless hours in movie theaters for the past few days, which is bittersweet, considering the fantastic weather New York City has experienced the past few days.

The Verdict: Excellent. I loved it.

Set in the 1930's in rural England, the film centers around Larita (Jessica Biel), a mature American woman who has just married John Whittaker (Ben Barnes), a young Englishman. The newlyweds travel to his family's farming estate so Larita can meet his family. Her mother in-law Mrs. Whittaker (Kristin Scott Thomas) tries to undermine her at every turn, but Larita doesn't go down so easily. The way the story of Larita unfolds keeps the audience in its toes. The dialogue is witty and the story funny.

John is somewhat clueless to the situation at times, but supportive of his new bride when he sees the issue. The only questionable element to the film is the necessity of John's tendency to break into song, which is slightly confusing since no one else sings in the film. Colin Firth plays John's father, and is unkempt and unshaven for most of the film, but yummy nonetheless.

Check out a clip of Larita and Mrs. Whittaker's battle of the wits -- and allergies -- below!