Robert Rodriguez To Reboot 'Predator' Franchise As 'Predators'

Robert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez may have the longest list of remake projects in Hollywood, with "Barbarella," "The Jetsons" and "Red Sonja" all on his docket. That list gained one more franchise Thursday as he announced he would be rebooting Universal's sci-fi/action "Predator" series with a new film titled "Predators."

"I'm going to be able to shoot my upcoming 'Machete' here, a sci-fi action film called 'Nerverackers,' a reboot of the 'Predator' series called 'Predators,' and a couple of smaller movies called 'Sin City 2' and 'The Jetsons,'" Rodriguez said at a press event, according to IESB. The report claimed that Rodriguez would produce as well as direct the new film.

The "Planet Terror" director likely has a long road ahead before he gets to reshape "Predator" in his own image, though, as "Neverackers" is slated for an April 2010 release with "The Jetsons" on the Warner Bros. wish list for 2012. He will also need to pencil in some time if he still hopes to make "Barbarella" and "Red Sonja" with his former "Grindhouse" actress Rose McGowan.

Whether or not a "Predator" reset would leave its sister property "Alien" hanging without a dance partner for a third "Alien vs. Predator" installment will remain to be seen. Action heroine Sigourney Weaver has said that she thinks "Alien" has a little more mileage left, so Rodriguez's plans may give both properties some time to grow apart for a while.

If it takes him long enough, the timing may even be right to court eventual former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to make a cameo in memory of one of his finest roles.

What do you think Robert Rodriguez's re-tooled version of "Predator" will look like? Do you think the franchise needs a brand new start? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!