Josh Peck Heads Out Of This World For Ashley Tisdale's Sci-Fi Flick 'Upstairs'

Josh PeckYou might know him best from “Drake & Josh,” but 22-year-old Josh Peck has just as many fans from his family-friendly work in “Ice Age: The Meltdown.” These days, he’s stepping back into the voiceover booth once again, working on July’s Ashley Tisdale action comedy, “They Came from Upstairs.”

“I’m doing the voice of one of the aliens,” revealed the affable Peck. “I think people are really going to dig it, the animation is sick.”

The flick follows Tisdale as she goes beyond her “High School Musical” roots to play a big sister fighting to protect her family summer home from a group of intruding extra-terrestrials. The latest trailer depicted a few of the cartoonish invaders who torment Tisdale, and Peck is proud to be among their ranks.

“I play Sparks, an engineer. [He’s] a little bit geeky but smart,” revealed the former child actor.

“Some might say that about me,” he laughed. “And I would respect them for that, because we all know I’m not smart.”

Peck has definitely made some “smart” choices when it comes to his acting roles, however, and he hopes that “Upstairs” will continue his solid streak with family-friendly fare.

“I just saw it,” dished the Nickelodeon star. “It’s a movie for the family, for everybody. It’s everything you want out of a flick.”

Peck must feel at home in the voiceover booth. Just weeks before “Upstairs” is released, he’ll rejoin Queen Latifah, Seann William Scott and Ray Romano as the energetic possum Eddie in “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.” Just don’t expect to hear the same voice twice.

“[The voices] are different. ‘They Came from Upstairs’ is a little more Josh,” explained Peck. ‘“Ice Age 3’” is a totally different form of my personality. It’s sort of like how I am by myself, when no one is watching.”

Between “Drake & Josh,” “The Wackness,” “Mean Creek” and his voiceover work, what kind of Hollywood career do you see in Josh’s future?