Calling All L.A. Twilighters: Meet Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg This Weekend!

Melissa RosenbergTwilighters might want to think twice before popping in that DVD for the fiftieth time this weekend, and instead head to LA for some upcoming vampire scoop. Because none other than “Twilight” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg will be appearing at the LA Times Festival of Books this Saturday at UCLA - signing copies of her smash script.

Being involved in a dynamic film and television writing career has definitely been a rewarding experience for Melissa, judging from all the “Twilight” and “Dexter” success that has catapulted her into the rare position of being the centerpiece of two phenomenons. In fact, her work is so notable that Rosenberg has been nominated for one Emmy Award and two Writers Guild of America Awards.

How did Melissa come to adapt one of the most popular young adult novels of our generation? The answer is pretty simple. The studio was intrigued by her past television and film success, plus a willingness to add her own considerable zeal and imagination. Now, Twilighters in the LA area can experience it themselves, as Melissa will be selling scripts for $20 with proceeds going to the Writers Guild Foundation’s outreach programs.

The LATimes Festival of Books is being held at UCLA, 405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024. Rosenberg will be appearing on Saturday, April 25th at 2:00PM at the Writers Guild Foundation booth, Zone D, Booth #441. More information can be found on the Festival of Books’ website.

The weekend signing should also be a good opportunity to hit Melissa with all the “New Moon” questions you may have, since she recently submitted the script that is currently being shot by RPattz, KStew, and all the other series stars. Who knows? Maybe she’ll even sell you a copy of that script too! Just kidding, Twilighters.

"Twilight” fans and their mothers are expected to be present at the event this weekend, crowding the UCLA campus with excitement and curiosity. Getting the opportunity to meet the very-sweet Melissa and have her sign copies of the screenplay is sure to be worth a trip to Westwood this weekend. And if she does give you any “New Moon” details, be sure to send us the scoop!

Will you be there this weekend? If so, let us know!