A Different Edward Cullen? The 'Twilight' Scenario That Never Came to Pass

Henry CavillThere was no chance that the actor who landed the lucky, life-changing role of Edward Cullen would not become an instant heartthrob. But could he have been someone entirely different, and still found a way into the hearts of Twilighters all over the world?

That’s the question that presents itself when one ponders the curious case of Henry Cavill.

We just published an interview over on the MTV Movies page with the 25-year-old “Whatever Works” actor, who was open and honest about his little-known “Twilight” past. In the early stages of the film’s development, author Stephenie Meyer publicly stated that the Edward she could see best fit for the part was British actor Cavill. Eventually, of course, the role went to RPattz with Stephenie’s blessing – but even then, she still said she’d love to get him into the series somewhere.

And while the chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on-screen is undeniable, if things had worked out the way Meyer originally had hoped, the steamy on-screen interactions would have undoubtedly been fueled with a whole different feel.

Ever since the day the “Twilight” movie was announced, fans began naming their dream Edwards: Tom Sturridge, Logan Lerman, Gerard Way, etc. And it would seem that the combination of a young actor’s good looks, paired with the words of Meyer, would be an instant recipe for a million “OME!” fan-crushes around the globe.

So, we want to ask you: Try, as hard as it might be, to imagine anyone winning over quite as many hearts as Robert Pattinson. Could Twilighters have fallen as in love with a different actor who scored the role? Is RPattz simply irreplaceable? Or do you think fellow British stud Cavill could have filled Edward Cullen’s shoes just as successfully?