'H2: Halloween 2’ Is 100 Percent Rob Zombie, Says Rob Zombie

Back in 2007, audiences waited to see just how closely to the original "Halloween" director Rob Zombie was taking his remake. Well, Zombie was wondering the same thing. For his follow-up however, there are no questions whose vision this is.

"The first one, it was like a true remake, reimagining, whatever the hell people want to call it," Zombie says. "So you had to go through the beats of, 'How much do you keep? How much do you change? What do the fans expect? What don't they expect?' Because if it's too similar it's a waste of time, and if it's too different everyone's upset. But on this one, it's, 'Do whatever you want.' " Click here to read our full interview with Zombie from the set of "Halloween 2," and watch a short snippet below.