Top 5 Teen Movies -- Other than 'Heathers' -- That Should Be Musicals

Molly Ringwald in 'The Breakfast Club'Contributed by Kathleen Newman-Bremang

Andy Fickman read my mind. The "Race to Witch Mountain" director is helming a musical production of 1988 teen flick Heathers. Yes, the dark comedy that introduced Wynona Ryder to the zeitgeist is hitting the stage. I know what you’re thinking: another movie-to-musical adaptation!? Well, some people cringe when they find out their favorite film is about to get the song-and-dance treatment. But others, like me, get giddy with anticipation. Plus, Kristen Bell might take on the lead role. Score!

This news got me so excited; I couldn’t help but hope that some other adolescent angst films will find their way onto Broadway.

So without further adieu, here’s a roundup of the top five high school movies we think should be sprinkled with a little musical magic:

"Dazed and Confused":

With the 1970s backdrop, quirky characters and cult following, how could this musical not be amazing? Throw in some covers of any of the rock classics that were in the original soundtrack and we’ve got ourselves a musical masterpiece. Think "Across the Universe" meets "American Graffiti."

Cast picks: Never mind if he can carry a tune, Matthew McConaughey should definitely return as the iconic David Wooderson. But the lead role of scrawny shy-guy Mitch will go to Michael Cera, who proved he’s got some musical talent in Juno.

"The Breakfast Club":

This 80s classic has all the ingredients of a good musical: the star-crossed lovers, the unexpected transformations and the feel-good happy ending. Plus, to see our five favorite detention goers busting a move and belting out ballads would be, like, totally awesome.

Cast picks: A glammed-down Katy Perry as awkward outsider Allison Reynolds. Robert Pattinson as rebel John Bender. Sheer brilliance.


If Elle Woods can have her own musical, so can Cher Horowitz. The clothes alone would make this hilarious satire worth seeing onstage. And it’s got the potential for some killer hip hop numbers (Dionne/Murray rap battle? Yes!)

Cast picks: Here’s hoping Alicia Silverstone can sing- because I want the original cast back for this musical makeover. Complete with a slow motion Paul Rudd dance sequence… choreographed by Kenny Ortega of "High School Musical" fame.

"Mean Girls":

We can’t take credit for this one. "Mean Girls" is already in talks to make its stage debut. MTV got the scoop on the movie’s musical chances from Tina Fey herself. It looks like it will happen but keep your fingers crossed.

Cast Picks: We’ll give her props for a solid performance in the original film but Lindsay Lohan isn’t allowed within a three mile radius of this production. Instead, we nominate "Gossip Girl: star Leighton Meester for Lohan’s role. And since Ashley Tisdale’s got the teen queen act down, she’s our pick for Regina George.

"Ferris Bueller’s Day Off":

Come to think of it, this should’ve been a musical in the first place. I’m not trying to mess with a classic but come on; Matthew Broderick went on to be Broadway’s boy wonder and Bueller’s campy comedic timing is the stuff musicals are made of.

Cast picks: Forget the Footloose remake Zac Efron, you are the perfect Ferris Bueller.

Got any more casting ideas? Did we miss a teen flick you think would make a kick ass musical? We want to know!