Michael Bay Putting 'Transformers' Sequels On Hold To Make... A 'Small' Movie?

Michael BayHe’s known for making the biggest movies in the world, awesome spectacles of big-budget, bombast, and blown-up stuff. Now, Michael Bay wants to take a break between “Transformers” sequels to make – a small, personal film?

“I would like to take a year off,” Bay explained to us recently, tempering expectations of a “Transformers 3” production by saying he wants to get away from outer-space robots and focus on humans for a while. “I might do a small movie in-between.”

Of course, directors like Soderbergh, Nolan and others often cite the need to get away from their franchises and make some “small,” artistic stuff. But this is an extraordinary statement coming from Bay, whose career has contained nothing but big-budget fare like “The Rock,” “Armageddon” and “Pearl Harbor.” The director has become so synonymous with blockbuster excess, in fact, that a new YouTube clip depicts him eating a bowl of cereal in slow-mo, badass fashion.

So one has to wonder: Can there be such a thing as a “small” Michael Bay film?

“There can be,” laughed the filmmaker. “I have a small little movie I keep wanting to do.”

Although Bay wouldn’t cough up details on the film’s plot and said it is currently untitled, he is making plans to film it next year for a small budget, and has had his eye on the script for some time. “It’s good,” he explained. “It’s like a ‘Pulp Fiction’-type of movie.”

The existence of Bay’s secret “small” film helps explain the recent events surrounding “Transformers 3.” Last month., Paramount and DreamWorks announced with great fanfare that the third robots-in-disguise flick had secured a July 1, 2011 release date; within hours, Bay had taken to the Web to insist that their release date was mistaken and that he would be delivering the movie for a 2012 release.

As it turns out, the reason for those extra twelve months is so that Bay will have time to shoot his “small” movie.

“[It’s based on] a true story, and it’s very funny,” Bay added, citing another departure from his typical, action-oriented intensity. “It’s a dark comedy.”

Would you like to see a “small” Michael Bay movie? What do you think it would be like?