'Twilight' Baddie Cam Gigandet Will Be Leighton Meester's 'Roommate'

Cam GigandetThere's only one thing Twilighters love more than "New Moon" updates, and that's hearing what your favorite "Twilight" actors are up to outside of the vampire franchise -- especially if they won't be returning to Forks, Washington any time soon. Cam Gigandet certainly falls into that category, but happily for fans, he's continuing to enjoy big screen success. Fresh off "The Unborn," Gigandet has signed to costar with "Gossip Girls" Leighton Meester in "The Roommate."

Meester will play Sara, a college who is randomly assigned to a freshman dorm, and stuck with a roommate named Rebecca. Unfortunately, Rebecca just happens to be deranged, and becomes obsessed with Sara, targeting her friends and family. According to Variety, Gigandet will play Meester's boyfriend, which means he'll be one of the unlucky targets.

Will he survive? Will he protect Sara from Rebecca, or will his girlfriend be forced to protect her man from the psychopath?

Though Gigandet has made a name for himself playing villains in "Never Back Down," "The O.C." and "Twilight," he's clearly trying not to be typecast as one. "Roommate" will see him taking a backseat to Meester and being terrorized by Rebecca, who remains uncast.

The film will be directed by Christian E. Christiansen, and will start shooting in May. Though he'll be busy, fans won't get to see him onscreen again until "Pandorum" hits theaters on September 4.

Twilighters, are you excited to see Cam move into Leighton's quarters? Let us know below.