Seth Rogen Aims High For 'Pineapple Express' Sequel

Seth Rogen in 'Pineapple Express'Jeff Sneider

Did anyone watch the Oscars this year, or was it just me and a few million other brave souls?

If you did tune in, surely you remember Seth Rogen and James Franco reprising their "Pineapple Express" characters in a hilarious skit co-starring famed cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, whose collaborations with Steven Spielberg have yielded a couple movies called "Saving Private Ryan" and "Schindler's List."

Which brings us to a recent interview in which Rogen indulged the possibility of a “Pineapple Express” sequel. “Of all the movies we’ve done, that’s the only one that I would actually like to do a sequel to and we talk about it,” Rogen told us.

And since Rogen and Co. already smoked villains Gary Cole and Rosie Perez, this reporter suggested he reunite with Kaminski. “I would like to bring back Janusz. He would make a great villain in a “Pineapple Express” sequel. He can be terrifying at times."

The idea has some Werner Herzog-esque possibility but Rogen realizes its inherent silliness. "If Janusz would shoot it, that’d be good," he said. If bringing on an Oscar-winning cinematographer is what it takes to get a "Pineapple Express" sequel greenlit, I'm all for it.

Which Seth Rogen movie would YOU like to see a sequel to? I'd like to see what happened to that lovely couple in "Knocked Up."