Tales of 'Twilight' Violence Flood the Web - What's Yours?

'Twilight'As you may have noticed, a recent wave roared across the Internet when countless news outlets began picking up on “Twilight Sucks,” a website that has begun cataloguing tales of violence between fans of “Twilight” and those who aren’t as enamored with the words of Stephenie Meyer.

Luckily, we kind of pride ourselves around here on bringing you news, rather than just being the umpteenth-million website to echo it. And since the majority of the tales told on “Twilight Sucks” seem phony, and are virtually impossible to corroborate, we’re not going to bother repeating them. If you want to read tales of ninja-star-attacks, feel free to look elsewhere.

Instead, I was hoping to appeal to the very-real fanbase we’ve come to know and love over the past year-and-a-half of covering “Twilight” so intensely here at MTV, as well as those who’ve posted comments voicing their distaste for the series (as they have every right to do).

Have you ever been verbally or physically abused because of your love for “Twilight”? Have you ever picked on someone else because their views of the vampire series weren’t in line with your own? Have you ever lashed out at someone just because they voiced their distaste for the Cullen clan?

Since we have so many Twilighters and non-fans who post on our messageboards every day, we wanted to ask for some first-hand stories from you guys. Is this supposed “Twilight violence” another case of the media taking a non-story and reporting it as fact? Or do your own experiences reveal some truth to all this?

Personally, I’m hoping these “Twilight Sucks” stories are just the result of some haters with overactive imaginations. Share your tales with us below – and from here on out, let’s all agree to keep the peace and respect each other’s views, okay?