EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson Smolders In Photo Outtake From Dossier

In today's edition of "Robert Pattinson Makes Us Swoon," we here at MTV News have gotten our pretty little hands on an exclusive photo of Robert Pattinson from his photo shoot for Dossier, a bi-annual arts and culture journal.

In the exclusive photo, which doesn't appear in the magazine's spread, the "Twilight" star is clad in a tight white tank and tight jeans, smoldering in the way only he can. Let's not forget the fact that his signature hair is looking very bed-head messy and particularly Edward Cullen-like.

In the other photos from the magazine, Pattinson models several different looks — including what we want to think is his ode to the Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious: cigarette, leather jacket with skull and crossbones and all. But we do also enjoy RPattz's casual look in a flannel top with a worn-in T-shirt.

The spread also shows RPattz lying down in a mesh tank top, and licking his lips as he wears a studded denim vest and T-shirt. There's no interview to go along with the photos, but judging from the hotness that Dossier has managed to capture in these photos, there's no need for words, really. We just want to sit and stare.

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