Robert Pattinson in Exclusive 'Little Ashes' Clips: What Do You Think, Twilighters?

If you haven’t already, be sure to head over to the MTV Movies page to see our two new exclusive clips from “Little Ashes,” the eagerly-anticipated Robert Pattinson drama that hits theaters next month. After months of reading about the film and studying the trailers closely, the scenes give us our best look yet at the transformation of RPatttz.

I’ve gotta say: I’m pretty impressed. As much as we all love to talk about Rob around these parts, the fact is that little is known about his actual acting talents. He was fine in the “Harry Potter” films, and obviously got the job done in “Twilight,” but until an actor has the chance to show off some versatility, it’s hard to speculate on his long-term prospects.

Nevertheless, even the haters have to respect RPattz for taking on such a daring role. Most teen idols would never go anywhere near “Little Ashes,” if only for fear of being taken seriously while wearing a Salvador Dali moustache. Factor in the accent, the fact that it’s a period film, and Dali’s gay romance with poet Federico Garcia Lorca (Javier Beltran), and Rob seems like the kind of brave young actor who is all too rare in Hollywood today.

A quick tale, without naming names: Once upon a time, I wrote a story on a certain teen heartthrob. In the article, I mentioned that the teenager was chain-smoking cigarettes on the set, because I was trying to convey his desire to be taken seriously as a grown-up actor. Within hours of the story going live, I was inundated with phone calls telling me I needed to take the story down or I’d ruin his image.

Due to that, perhaps, I’ve gotta say it’s cool to see a clip that has RPattz unapologetically dangling a cigarette from his mouth. This is a grown-up movie about a grown-up subject, and RPattz’s lack of desire to “manage” his image speaks volumes about how far he might go as an actor.


“Little Ashes” will begin its limited release on May 8th. Personally, I can’t wait to see it.

Check out the “Little Ashes” clips, and then you tell us: Do you like Rob’s accent? His acting? Does he have the chops for a long Hollywood career beyond “Twilight”?