'G.I. Joe' Star Channing Tatum Wanted Snake Eyes Role, Says Film Is 75% VFX

Channing TatumThough he stars as Duke in this summer’s “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”, Channing Tatum chatted with MTV News about how which other “Joe” role was his first choice and what it’s like working on such a major blockbuster.

“I wanted to play Snake Eyes,” laughed Tatum, who was promoting his upcoming film “Fighting.” “I wanted so badly to play Snake Eyes.”

That’s the role that, ultimately, went to Ray Park, but Tatum says that Snake Eyes remains the coolest of the Joes simply because he never says word, a demand that the film’s creative consultant (and writer of the 80’s Marvel “Joe” comics) Larry Hama demanded resolutely.

“I think that the first and the one thing that he said was, ‘Okay, I'll do this. But Snake Eyes can't talk. No matter what, Snake Eyes can't talk.’ At one point they had Snake Eyes saying one line or something like that at the end of the movie and he's just like, ‘Never. Never in a million years. I'm never going to let that happen.’ So he doesn't.”

Tatum compared “Joe” to work on films like “Fighting” and says that, as much fun as big blockbusters are to do, there’s a greater satisfaction coming off a smaller film simply because you have a better idea of what the end result will be. He says that the success of “Joe” hangs on what happens in post.

“I haven't seen it yet. Doing those films you have no idea. They're over half digital.. I'd say almost 75% digital because you're doing all this stuff, but the way they create the world is all in the computer. I knew what ‘Fighting’ was going to be a thousand times more than ‘GI Joe’. You never know. You're looking at a green screen and you're sitting in a chair and you're having to imagine that you're flying around the arctic under the polar ice caps. You have no idea what that looks like so they just shout things like, ‘There's an explosion to your right! There's an explosion to your left! Someone's shooting at you and you duck down!’ It's like the grown-up version of make-believe.”

“Fighting” hits theaters on April 24th while “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” hits August 7th.

Could you imagine Tatum in the Snake Eyes role? Does mostly VFX sound like a good thing or a bad thing? Share your thoughts below!