50 Cent, Chace Crawford And Emma Roberts Join 'Twelve'

50 CentEvery Joel Schumacher film starts as an uphill battle just by virtue of its director's shaky record -- but he'll have some help on this one from a very diverse cast, and a well-reviewed novel. According to Variety, Schumacher will be directing an adaptation of Nick McDonell's debut novel "Twelve," starring Kiefer Sutherland, Chace Crawford, Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, Emma Roberts, and Ellen Barkin.

"Twelve" centers on a high school drop out named White Mike (who we're guessing is played by Crawford) who deals pot and an Ecstasy-like upper called "twelve" to Manhattan's young and rich. Mike avoids touching the stuff, preferring instead to observe the privileged individuals who buy it. But his easy profits go sour when his dealer's cousin is brutally murdered and his best friend is arrested for the crime.The story takes place over a dizzying and decadent five days, and ends as badly as all drug themed stories do.

Much of the buzz around "Twelve" was centered on its author McDonell, who was only seventeen years old at the time of its publication. While the novel received good reviews from places like The New York Times, many argued that it had been published largely because of McDonell's good connections -- his dad is the managing editor of Sports Illustrated and was friends with Hunter S. Thompson, while his godfather manages Grove Press, the publisher of "Twelve." Whether the book deserved the reviews is a matter of personal opinion, but its mixed buzz will be another obstacle for Schumacher's film to overcome.

MTV readers, can a cast that includes Crawford and 50 Cent attract you to the drug filled "Twelve"? Will Schumacher's name keep you away? Were you a fan of the book? Sound off in the comments below.