MTV News Writer To Become One Of 'The Crazies'

'The Crazies'I should probably confess this now: I’m terrified of horror movies. I think it has something to do with a traumatic basement viewing of “Nightmare on Elm Street” when I was in the first grade. So when my bosses at MTV News asked if I wanted to be in a horror movie, I thought they had to be joking. Then it occurred to me that perhaps the universe was issuing a challenge to an unsuspecting entertainment journalist: get over it dude!

Thus I’m heading down to Georgia for an exclusive visit to the set of "The Crazies,” the remake of George A. Romero’s 1973 cult horror flick about the accidental release of a top-secret military bio weapon and the blood-soaked insanity it unleashes on an unsuspecting small town. I’ll be undergoing three hours of makeup—and pretending I actually know something about acting—for a walk-on role as one of those mad, mad infected killers. I’m pretty pumped. And scared. But mostly pumped.

I’ll also be interviewing the cast and crew and running around the set—like a crazy man, obviously—bringing you fresh news about the production. The film stars Timothy Olyphant (FX’s “Damages”), Danielle Panabaker (“Friday the 13th”) and Radha Mitchell (“Melinda and Melinda”). They’ve been shooting in Georgia since early last month, and Tweeting from the set the entire time.

Let us know what you’re dying to learn about “The Crazies” and I’ll be sure to pose your questions to the folks on set. And, in turn, I’ll let you know what happens as I face my fears by embodying them, and maybe possibly winning an Oscar in the process. Even though I don’t have a single speaking line! Or any talent!