Comedian Jim Gaffigan Fan Of 'Dreamy' '17 Again' Co-Star Zac Efron

Zac EfronHe’s one of the funniest men in stand-up comedy. But when Jim Gaffigan recently got to shoot a movie with Zac Efron, even he had some lessons to learn about timing.

“He is so equipped for this mega-stardom, it’s kind of scary,” grinned the comic, who appears opposite Efron in “17 Again,” which hits theaters April 17th. “Obviously, after ‘High School Musical,’ [we know he] can dance and all that. And there is a dance number in there - and I am in the corner eating Hot Pockets.”

Despite recent rumors that Efron had given up dancing to pursue more adult roles, the 21-year-old star does manage to kick up his heels one last time in a “17 Again” scene.

“He dances to [Young MC’s] ‘Bust a Move,’ because it’s different eras,” explained Gaffigan, whose new DVD/CD/TV special “King Baby” dropped recently. “It’s pretty intense.”

Discussing his role in the film, Gaffigan explained: “I play a basketball coach; I’m the same basketball coach he had when he was 17, and then when he is 37 [but in the body of a 17-year-old],” explained the comedian, who has also appeared in “Three Kings” and “Super Troopers,” among other films. “He reinvents himself and runs into some of the people he knows, and one of the people he knows is his basketball coach that treats him the same way.”

And after playing Troy Bolton, Zac has certainly had plenty of time to hone his skills on the court. Still, Gaffigan joked that although he’s better than most actors, Efron won’t be taking Shaq’s place in the NBA anytime soon.

“I mean, he is not going to beat Obama on the court, but he seemed like he was decent at it,” he explained. “I don’t think there is any dunking going on, but they choreographed some plays and he looked fine out there. It wasn’t like they needed some stunt double to do all the shooting.”

“He is such a nice guy,” beamed the funnyman. “And he is very dreamy.”

Which Zack Efron trademarks are you more excited to see in “17 Again” – him dancing, or playing basketball?