Vin Diesel Promises Extended Brawls With Monsters In 'Riddick' Sequel

Vin Diesel promised at least two more "Chronicles of Riddick" sequels, taking his sci-fi action hero into the depths of the Underverse and beyond. Diesel, whose new film "Fast & Furious" hits theaters this week, chose his words carefully, but he hinted at some epic fight scenes to come in the third Riddick installment.

"There will be long scenes and long portions, full acts of just Riddick against the beasts -- or creatures -- isolated, which will be very compelling," Diesel told MTV News. "How that's interwoven with the mythology set forth in 'Chronicles of Riddick' is what we're waiting for from David Twowy, who's almost done with the script."

The series, which began in 2000 with "Pitch Black" last sent Diesel's character Richard B. Riddick to theaters in 2004 in "The Chronicles of Riddick," when the shiny-eyed hero took the throne of the Necromonger King. Though it received a lukewarm reception in the U.S., the film performed well overseas and ignited a successful video game series.

"It's a 'Chronicles of Riddick' story told in the 'Pitch Black' fashion," Diesel promised for the new sequel. Twowy scripted both previous Riddick movies, as well as the the video game "The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury," so there should be plenty of continuity in the story's vision. Where that vision continues to go, however, will remain to be seen when Diesel plugs in his creepy contact lenses once again.

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