Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard Join Christopher Nolan's 'Inception'

Ellen PageThough its plotline is still a tightly kept secret, Christopher Nolan's next film, "Inception," is coming together. Last month, we reported that Leonardo DiCaprio had come aboard to play the lead, and that Ellen Page was rumored to be the next to sign. The rumors were true and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Page is coming aboard, along with Cillian Murphy and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard. (Clearly, he had to have one familiar face among all the newcomers, even if it was the Scarecrow's!)

While we were hoping that more additions to the cast would reveal more about the film, Warner Bros. continues to describe the plot only as "a contemporary sci-fi / action story, set within the architecture of the mind." However, a few character details did slip through, thanks to the casting process. DiCaprio is playing a CEO-type, and Cotillard will play his wife. Page is a young grad student and DiCaprio's "sidekick."

THR also revealed that James Franco was in talks (possibly for whatever role Murphy is playing), but with filming set to begin this summer, he had to drop out due to a schedule conflict with his Universal comedy "Your Highness."

Despite the secrecy surrounding the plot, the studio's faith in Christopher Nolan was strong enough that they bought the spec script preemptively before "The Dark Knight" was released, unwilling to let anyone else have a crack at it.

Of course, they also want to keep him close to home in case he decides to let them in on his "Batman 3” plans. "Inception" is aiming for a 2010 release.

Are you psyched to see what "The Dark Knight" director has up his sleeve? Let us know below.